and discover how palatants will make Max and Kitty eat your pills…

Arthritis, obesity, allergies, stress… plenty of “wonderful” experiences are facing Max and Kitty -- with at least as many treatments for them to try -- and every time the same nightmare for Vincent their parent: 
“How will I make them eat these damned pills?”


Only one solution can put Max, Kitty and Vincent out of their misery:
you, the formulator, the designer, the artist, have
no other choice but to make your treatment palatable.

But what is palatability?
How does it work?
What are the solutions?

You can’t wait to know?
Take a look at the book!

SPF expertise in palatability is fueled by more than 20 years’ experience in pets’ preferences and behavior. 

Relying on Panelis expert panels of over 980 cats and dogs worldwide, we have developed a wide range of ingredients for pet food products and innovative methods to validate them.
We have become the trusted partner of the pet healthcare industry for designing palatability solutions and evaluation testing for pills, tablets, chews, pastes and liquids.


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