Get insights from our consumer study and discover pet parents’ pain points and unmet needs regarding oral treatment and dietary supplements.

It is a well-established fact that administering oral treatment and dietary supplements to cats and dogs can be a struggle. Giving daily medication for the treatment of chronic disease can be especially frustrating, resulting in unpleasant moments for both the pet and the pet owner.

While pet owners might have been content to make do with this situation, pet parents resolutely expect better for their companions.

> What impact does it have on the relationship with their pets? 
> Can it damage trust between pet parents and their vet? 
> What improvements would pet parents like to see?

Find the answers in our global survey on pet parent experience of cat & dog oral treatments, in which we surveyed 1500 cat and dog owners from the USA, Canada, UK and France in 2019 via Yummypets, the largest online community of pets and their owners!


SPF expertise in palatability is fueled by more than 20 years’ experience in pets’ preferences and behavior. 

Relying on Panelis expert panels of over 980 cats and dogs worldwide, we have developed a wide range of ingredients for pet food products and innovative methods to validate them.
We have become the trusted partner of the pet healthcare industry for designing palatability solutions and evaluation testing for pills, tablets, chews, pastes and liquids.


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