Our full range of Pepti’One products makes it easier to build premium appeal into your pet foods, with high-quality, sustainably sourced ingredients that can really make your label stand out. 

These select, single-source animal hydrolyzed proteins deliver easy formulation and high digestibility using standardized amino-acid profiles and low-ash, high-protein content. Stability is guaranteed, with no special handling required – and local production facilities provide the assurance of safety management and process consistency. 

Choose from a wide array of premium protein sources consumers know and love:

In China

  • Pepti’One Beef Powder 
  • Pepti’One Bonito Fish Powder 
  • Pepti’One Chicken Liver Powder 
  • Pepti’One Chicken Meat Powder 
  • Pepti’One Duck Powder 
  • Pepti’One Fish Powder 
In Australia
  • Pepti’One Chicken
  • Pepti’One Duck
  • Pepti’One Kangaroo
  • Pepti’One Salmon
In South East Asia
  • Pepti’One Chicken
  • Pepti’One Chicken Powder Naox
  • Pepti’One Tuna
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