Chicken Fat


Our liquid chicken fat is made by gentle cooking – not rendering – to protect its quality, and is further clarified to improve flavor and stability.

Low water activity allows it to be shelf stable. In addition to a moisture maximum of only 0.25%, free fatty acids are also very low with a maximum of 1.5%, compared to 4% and higher for rendered pet-food grade poultry fat.

Manufactured for us in a USDA-inspected facility, Nuvin™ chicken fat is available without antioxidants to provide maximum flexibility in applications; it can also be ordered with either natural or synthetic antioxidants.

Application Information

Use 1–10% for dry or 0.5–5% for wet pet-food formulations, as a source of animal fat in dog and cat foods, treats, and other consumable pet products.
Packaging Options

Standard package options include the following selections, although not all products are available in all package configurations. Contact us for product-specific information.

225 pound (102.06 kg) fiber drums
400 pound (181.44 kg) steel drums
2,000 pound (907.18 kg) corrugated totes
Tanker trucks (North America only)
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