Pets’ average lifespan has been steadily increasing—now reaching 11 years for dogs and 12 years for cats. For pet parents, the question becomes “Is my pet going to remain healthy as he ages?” That’s why there’s Pro’Age™, our natural dietary solution that limits consequences of aging in pets, helping them and their parents grow old together.

Pet owners increasingly trust nature over pharmaceuticals, having seen its proven power to deliver health benefits in human foods. So our team developed a natural, antioxidant-enriched solution combining curcuma, cloves, rosemary, and grapefruit extract that protects cells from oxidation and inflammation, helping keep pets healthier longer.

Four substantiated claims:

Natural plants
& extracts
Contributes to limiting
the aging process
Limits inflammation due to aging

Discover Pro’Age™ natural plant-based ingredients:




Grapefruit extract

The Pro’Age™ preventive approach

As they age, pets undergo metabolic and physiological changes including oxidative stress and inflammation. These can cause harmful effects such as joint health issues, cognitive decline, and immune-function deterioration. While most solutions for older pets focus on treating problems after they’re established, Pro’Age™ works through early intervention, to limit development of age-related disorders before they happen. Used from the first stages of life in foods, treats, and supplements, Pro’Age™ natural protective ingredients help prevent and limit the consequences of aging in pets.

Proven efficacy

In a Nuvin™ study, 30 adult dogs were allocated into 2 groups, receiving either a control diet or a Pro'Age-supplemented diet during a four-week period. Cells lipid peroxidation was evaluated by the measurement of TBARS at the start of the experimental period and after the 4 weeks of supplementation.

At the end of the trial, dogs were subjected to a 2-hour car ride in order to induce oxidative stress and inflammation. Plasma C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation, was measured 1 hour after the transportation and compared to its basal level.

Pro’Age™ protects cells from oxidation

In Pro’Age™-consuming dogs, TBARS level decreased by 15%, while in the control group, TBARS increased by 55%.

Pro'Age™ regulates inflammation

CRP levels in blood decreased by 23% in Pro’Age™-consuming dogs, while it increased by 12% in the control group.

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